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Diabetic foot ulcers can be extremely challenging to treat and are associated with a high morbidity and mortality. A recent large randomised controlled trial (RCT), undertaken in the US, found that a single application of a fetal bovine acellular dermal matrix plus standard of care (SOC) is a faster and more effective treatment for these ulcers than SOC alone. This masterclass will explore this evidence base and debate how to optimise use of this dermal scaffold for this indication

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Integra Life Tissue Technology Advanced Woundcare team, Focus on our market-leading MEDIHONEY® line of Active Leptospermum Manuka Honey dressings, which offer antimicrobial activity and outstanding wound healing. The range includes Medihoney Barrier Cream and the Medihoney HCS dressings which combines a Hydrogel Sheet containing Super Absorbent Polymers,with Manuka Honey. 

Also within our portfolio is TCC-EZ®, a unique patented, easy and quick to apply, off-loading system to help treat diabetic foot ulcers and charcot neuropathy.



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